Our Story

The Chinese Association of Greater Windsor (CAGW) is a non-political, non-profit, independent organization with over 2000 members in the Greater Windsor area.

本组织中文名称为“大温莎中国人协会”,简称中国人协会(下文称“协会”);英文名称为“The Chinese Association of Greater Windsor”,英文简称为CAGW。大温莎中国人协会成立于1997年9月,是在安大略省注册的、非政治、非盈利、非宗教性的独立组织

Our Missions

To promote harmony and coherence within Chinese community through cultural heritage and education.

To help Chinese immigrants adapt and develop to become more active and respected members of the multi-culture society.

To promote understanding, trust and friendship between Chinese and other cultural communities in Greater Windsor.

协会的宗旨是:促进华人社会的团结和友谊;维护促进华人的合法权益;为华人在加拿大社会中的发展创造条件; 并为社区中有困难者提供慈善性服务;为华人成为加拿大社会积极的、有贡献的成员努力; 进华人与所在地的加拿大人及其他族裔居民之间的友谊和文化交流;增进中国和加拿大之间在文化、教育、经贸、和科技的交流和发展。

Chinese New Year Gala

We held annual Chinese New Year Gala since year 1999.

Spring Festival

Chinese New Year (Chunjie, or Spring Festival) is the most important holiday for all Chinese people.

Organized in Windsor

Windsor Chinese New Year Gala

CAGW has been organizing Windsor Chinese New Year Gala annually since year 1999.

Gala includes two parts – Chinese New Year Banquet and live entertainment performance.

1000+ attendants

1000+ attendants every year before the pandemic, 75% + attendants are local Chinese people

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This year the gala will be held on Sunday, February 17, 2024, at The Centre for the Arts, St. Clair College riverside campus, 201 Riverside Drive West, Windsor.